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This page describes the products that I find most effective. This page is not intended to provide specific treatment recommendations. I encourage readers to seek their own treatment decisions from their own health care professionals.

What Is A Warts Vaccine?

A vaccine against warts has become a popular alternative treatment option. Although the vaccines are usually administered by medical doctors, there are a number of nonmedical people who believe that warts will be cured if they get a warts vaccine. The idea behind this idea is that if a warts vaccine is used, the symptoms and/or risk of transmission will be drastically reduced. However, the warts will still be present on the skin of the person being treated. Many of these warts are not caused by the HPV vaccine, but by other factors, such as HIV.

How Will A Vaccine Work?

A warts vaccine is typically given as an intramuscular injection, or in a liquid solution. It is injected directly into the warts or on the skin. The injected wart will then break down the virus and prevent it from multiplying and spreading. Warts can be treated with a topical ointment, such as mineral oil, or a cream or lotion. This will not cure the warts, but it will help prevent them from getting worse.

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