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These are all excellent protein bars. I have reviewed several protein bars that are protein bars made with corn or soy protein. These are good. It's not as hard as the corn/soy products. Many people, however, are having difficulty with these products because they are made with a different kind of protein, not the same type of protein found in corn and soy products. These are great.

When choosing a protein bar, firstly you need to determine whether the protein is derived from meat or plant sources. It is a little confusing because some of the corn or soy products listed above are based on meat. For example, the Chex bars are made with pork protein. Some of the non-meat protein ingredients, like flax and hemp seeds, are not listed as meat products. This is because those ingredients are derived from plants. Some people are still confused as to what they mean by "meat product". Some sources also state that a protein bar has to be "free of fat" because it is considered a "meat product". The answer is that protein bars are either "free of fat" or have to contain some amount of fat. That's it!

It is not necessary to buy a protein bar made with pork protein because it can be made in a similar way.

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