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The brain power article is organized by category (brain wave/neuroimaging) and then section. The brain waves article contains the most recent research, which I will link to the latest research in your brain. If you have a question related to a specific area of the brain, the Neuroimaging section includes more research. I have also included the most popular products, and some of the products that aren't popular. Please be patient while I work to update this page. I might also link to articles on Amazon and the Brain Science Store. The next section is called Brain Energy and Neuro-energy. There are two main parts to this section: Neuro-energy and Brain Energy. You will find a description of each, and more information about these. It is not too hard to get these, but it is helpful to know the basics before starting to read the rest of this page. The third section of this page is called The Ultimate Brain-power Program. This page provides a summary of the information that you need to make a successful purchase.

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