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This page contains over 3000 reviews, with the largest numbers of reviews coming from women, but men can also post reviews and information. The most important thing to take from these reviews is that some products actually do help with femmeness (and the products that do help, sometimes for an even greater degree than they claim, can also be a problem), but the difference in effectiveness between products is often not as great as some of the people on this page make it out to be. The biggest problem with most of the products on this page is that the author is using a wide range of words and terminology, or at least she is using a variety of terms that make it hard for women to tell which products are really helping and which are not. For example, the author of the article on The Femmeness Cure says "It is very important to me to do a thorough review of every product I recommend in order to keep my recommendations based on science and not on my personal opinions" but then does not even bother to take into account the fact that she's only reviewing products for a greater femmeness. Even if she had taken the time to do so, she would have been better off just taking the products at random and taking a subjective look at each one instead of making such a wide range of recommendations based on a single product.

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The use of HerSolution been shown as insider advice for increasing pleasure. Countless positive tes...