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Brightening products and their uses

Toothpastes and brightening products are often used in the treatment of periodontal disease (fractures and gaps) because of the fact that they make it easier for the periodontal tissues to heal. These products are sometimes called "whole mouth bleaching."

A brightening paste, a cream or an oral-medication for whitening teeth, is typically a whitening agent that has a number of ingredients (including acids, enzymes, preservatives, vitamins and minerals) added to it.

These products often contain at least two acids (sodium fluoride, potassium fluoride, potassium citrate and potassium tartrate) and two enzymes (pH aminopeptidase and pyrrolidase).

A whitening product also can contain vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Brightening ingredients are typically designed to help whiten teeth. Most whitening ingredients are water soluble, which means they can be absorbed through the mouth. These ingredients are usually very expensive, and most manufacturers make no claims about the results they have in terms of whitening teeth.

Other products

There are also many other products that can help whiten teeth. They are mostly for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on whitening products and would prefer to use something simple and natural. These products range from the simple and inexpensive (such as a toothbrush with a special toothpaste) to the more expensive and effective (such as the expensive white tooth whitener or a special toothpaste).

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